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Meryn offers 30 or 60 minute phone consultations addressing any issues that may have arisen for you from reading Why Dads Leave, or any related issues you may be experiencing in your relationships or in your parenting (use contact form to schedule appointment).


Akashic Readings


These sessions can broaden your perspective, deepen your understanding, and offer guidance in resolving current life issues. (more info)


 “Meryn’s Akashic readings are insightful and rich, giving openings and perspectives that are

inspiring as well as practical.”  —Sarah J Buckley, MD; Author, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering



“My Akashic reading was both profound and reassuring. Meryn helped me cut away the ‘noise’

in my head and directed me straight to the heart … I received deep insight into difficulties I was

having with both my baby and my partner … and some very practical things to do.”  —Louise


Since I am in Australia, if you are in the US, for example, the time difference means your session needs be in your afternoon or evening. This site can give you a quick and easy time conversion for all international locations: Readings are done by phone or Skype audio. There is no charge to you for the skype or phone rates.




Pick your Price. Please choose based on a combination of your consciousness and your financial reality.


30 minutes: $60, $40, $30.


60 minutes: $80, $60, or $40.


Prepayment is requested for all sessions.

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